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Article: The Voice Over Talent by Don Capone.

The voice over industry has changed because of the internet. Many advertising agencies and production houses directly rely on the internet to find new voice over talent.  The internet has made it possible for voiceover artists to record voice narrations in their home studios either via live ISDN voice , direct email, download or FTP.

Voice Over Talents are the men, women and children who perform in a voice talent studio either in there home or a state of the art recording studio. These voice over talents in their home voice studios usually take direction from a director who will call through a dedicated ISDN voice talent phone line. Most Hollywood voice over studios request an ISDN direct voice or phone patch. So if your serious about becoming a voice over talent and have a voiceover career you need to get a ISDN or phone patch line like a Telos Zephyr. Also Voiceover delivery can be formatted for .wav, .mp3 or .aiff. and sent thru FTP download, burned on a cd then sent FedX, or emailed.

Voice Overs come in many different deliveries.. Like the Hard sell aggressive voice overs usually your local car commercials are hard hitting and fast paced. The Soft sell more sincere and smooth. Then we also have the Regular Guy voice over or the Guy Next Door voice, like friendly and approachable sell. Voice Overs are delivered by the voice over talent through ISDN to the voice over production studio.

Voice Narration refers to the way a story is told. First Person Voice Narration focuses on the perspective of a single character. Third First Person Voice Narration is from the observation perspective. Documentary voice narration is not an easy task for the voice over talent. You must reflect mood, fact and your vocal delivery must set a pace and have authority. You must be believable and not sound like your reading a script.. It must flow out of you when speaking. This is one of the most difficult voiceover deliveries to achieve.

Voiceover Artists The voice over artist can now be more accessible through the ever amazing internet. Because of the internet voice over artists can get there voice talents out to the major Hollywood studios who are looking for that right voice for there movie trailer, national spots or documentary read. Today's voice over talent can also join voice talent directories or have there own websites to drive traffic and business for there next voice over jobs. We say... humble be damned.. you are the best advertisement for your own self. So tell the world what you do.. get listed in voice over talent directories... get into a few voice talent agencies, get a web site ..Practice Practice Practice... hone your voice talent. read out loud... anything and everything! Ask questions! email other voice over talents and ask if it would be ok to send them a demo of yourself for critique. Don't be shy .. there are a lot of great people and voiceover artist who are willing to help you. Emulate what you like in other voice over talent but be yourself and Tell the world what you do:) Remember you are your best advertiser!

by Don Capone www.DonCapone.com
Don Capone is a 30 year veteran in the voice over business Don Capone offers professional voice over talent services offering that bigger than life voice imaging that is needed to compete in today's corporate world. Same day narration, Corporate Narration, Sales Narration, Religious Narration, Medical Narration. Male Narrator, Automotive Narration, Automotive Voice Overs. From Fortune 500 companies to Movie Trailer voice overs to Radio/Television spots, Documentary Narration and Character Voices.

Great Voices and Voice Actors that I personally enjoy hearing (not in any particular order.. they are all great):
William Holden, Jimmy Stewart aka James Stewart, Jackson Beck, Peter Thomas, Norman Rose, Daws Butler, W.B. Brydon, Walter Winchell, Don Pardo, Orson Welles, Jack Perkins, Mel Blanc, Danny Dark, Paul Frees, Hans Conried, James Earl Jones, Charlton Heston, John Wayne, William Conrad, Ernie Anderson, Edward Everett Horton, Thurl Ravenscroft, Wally Cox, Don Messick, Pete Smith aka (a Smith named Pete), Mark Elliot, William Dozier, Gary Owens, Billy West, Robert Mitchum, Mason Adams, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Paul Harvey, Percy Rodrigues, Morgan Freeman, Rod Serling, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Peter Graves, Robin Williams, Stan Bernard, Bill Kurtis, Keith Morrison, Jeff Bridges, Tim Allen, Jack Nicholson, Sam Elliott, John Hurt, George Fenneman, John Facenda, Earl Mann, Harry Kalas, Sean Connery, James Sloyan, Willem Dafoe, Jim Birdsall, William Schallert, Martin Sheen, Bob Johnson, Will Lyman, Ken Nordine, David Attenborough, William S. Burroughs, Lloyd Bridges, Edward Herrmann, Ian McShane, Lance Henriksen, Michael Wincott, Oliver Stone, Robert De Niro, Paul Winfield, Miguel Ferrer, Josh Brolin, Keith David, Tim Curry, Jeremy Irons, Dick Beals, Allan "Rocky" Lane, Lloyd Bochner, Arnold Stang, Eddie Deezen, Steve Buscemi, Jonathan Winters, Jeff Garlin, Nick Schatzki, Clancy Brown, Don Morrow, Russell Means, Hal Douglas, Don LaFontaine, George Plimpton, Wes Studi, George DelHoyo, Ashton Smith, Jeff McNeal, Jeff Laurence Gill, Lloyd Sherr aka Max Raphael, Liev Schreiber, Ed Asner, Cary Grant, Charlie Van Dyke, Denis Leary, Billie Lou Watt, John Garry, Scott Rummell, Burl Ives, Ken Burns, Kevin Connolly, Brother Jon Rivers, Joe Cipriano, John O'Hurley, Joe Kelly, Andy Devine, Alec Baldwin, Tom Bosley, Beau Weaver, Marlin Perkins, Gene Galusha, Bill Scott, June Foray, Andy Geller, Ross Mitchell, Peter Lorre, Harlan Rector, Percy Rodriguez, Tony Rodgers, Phil Crowley, Mark Aston, Fred Collins, Matt Wright, Robert C. Bruce, Dennis Haysbert, Bill Vogel, Peter Coyote, Harvey Fierstein, Rino Romano, Anthony Hopkins, Jason Willinger, Robert Clotworthy, Redd Pepper, John Benjamin Hickey, Bill Ratner, John Leader, Jason Hildebrandt, Al Chalk, Terence Stamp, Vic Caroli, Dave Fennoy, Tex Brashear, Richard Karron, Hal Riney, John Amos, Ben Patrick Johnson, Ray Romano, Ving Rhames, Bruce Greenwood, James Remar, Ellen Burstyn, William Daniels, Greer Garson, Matt Wright, E.G. Daily, Rafael Ferrer, Brian James, John Gary, Chris Corley, Jim Cummings, Nick Tate, Henry Strozier, Mike Rowe, Mandy Patinkin, James Mason, Rick Wasserman, Erik Nicolaisen, Keenan Wynn, Claude Rains, James Gammon, Howard Parker, Townsend Coleman, Frank Welker, Peter Cullen, Nick Offerman, Tony Rodgers, Les Marshak, Cedering Fox, Paul Turner, Hugh Morgan, Kim Strauss and Stew Herrera are just "some" Voices and Voice Over Actors that I tip my hat to. There all so different and diverse that each one has there own unique niche.... and in my opinion they are the epitome of vocal excellence, Voice ninjas extraordinaire.

Radio Personalities that have influenced me when I was young:
I was born in da Bronx New York 1960... and listening to 77 WABC on my transistor radio to Legends like Dan Ingram, Harry Harrison, Cousin Brucie Morrow, Ron Lundy, Chuck Leonard and from WPIX FM 102 Jim Quinn, Dr. Jerry Carroll... Moved to Tampa Bay Florida in 1975 when I was 15... Tampa Bay Radio greats like Mike Koczmic, Bob Lassiter, Russ Albums, Mason Dixion, Jeff Laurence, Scott Shannon, Cleveland Wheeler, Tedd Webb, Uncle Johnny Walker, Coyote Craig, Chris Holliday on Tampa Radio stations like, 95ynf, AM 138 WLCY, Q105 WRBQ, WFLA ... All these Radio Personalities I thank you for being such a big part of my life and what I do for a living today.

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