Commercial Voice Overs from Don Capone Voice Actor who offers Commercial Voice-Overs for your audio productions.

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Commercial Voice Overs

If your looking for Commercial Voice Over Actors for your audio production... you have come to the right place. We are a professional voice actor and have been in the voiceover business since 1979. We have state of the art digital audio workstation can deliver the best commercial voice overs with clean clear audio for your production. We can even help if your looking for female voice overs.

Advertising Agencies usually seek out a distinctive voice actor for branding there clients products and retaining voice talent to long term exclusive contracts. When looking for commercial voice overs remember selecting the perfect voice for your commercial production is one of the most important decisions to make.

Ask yourself these questions? Do you need a deep voice, or maybe a hard sell like an automotive commercial... or maybe your looking for that "Voice Of God" like in movie trailer voice overs. Choose wisely, and listen to our commercial voiceover demos, as we can deliver a wide variety of styles for commercial voice overs.

As a professional voice actor. This is all we do for a living. We don't have a second job. We make a living doing nothing but voice overs, so therefore we make sure our clients will be returning to us for more. We provide the Voice Over Marketplace with commercial voice overs for radio, television, directors, producers, casting agents, advertising agencies, film production houses, voiceover production houses, ad agencies, voice talent agencies, documentary narration, cartoon voice overs, radio imaging, voice over agents, independent film studios and all types of media.

Your finished commercial voice overs can be in .mp3, .wav or .aif with either email FTP or a direct downloadable link to your file. Live voiceover sessions available at extra cost through preferred Source Connect or an ISDN bridge connection. Phone patch is available for an extra premium.

Voice over auditions? Well... You should be able to tell if I'm right for your project by listening to our demos of commercial voice overs. BUT hey... if your still not sure... I'll kick one back to ya.

Before anything is done... we like to speak with our clients on the phone so there is no miscommunication. So if your ready to get your voice over production on track with a professional voice actor... Contact us today... we're ready to rock!:)

Offering Commercial Voice Overs from Don Capone.

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Voice Over Talent Don Capone is a professional Voice Actor. From Voice-Over LA to NY and the world. If you need Voice Over Talent for Movie Trailer Voice Overs, Radio Imaging, Narration Services to Commercial Voice Over Talent and Promo Voices then contact DC today. American English Voice Over Artist.

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Voice Over Talent and professional Voice Actor for all media. Don Capone aka DC. Including Voice Over LA, NY and the World.

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