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Voice Over Talent

Voice Over Talent
Voice-Over Talent
Voice-Overs in radio, television, film, theater or presentation. Voice over talent may be someone who appears on-screen or off camera and performed by voice over actor.

Types of Voice Over Work
As a character voice
Film directors may add a voice-over talent late in the production because the plot or a character's motivation isn't immediately clear; for instance Francis Ford Coppola added voice-overs of Captain Willard's character in Apocalypse Now to clarify Willard's thoughts and intentions.

Voice-over for animated characters give personalities to animation. Mel Blanc, Don Messick and Daws Butler are some of the godfathers in the voice talent industry.

As a creative device
In film, the filmmaker places the sound of a human voice (or voices) over images shown on the screen that may or may not be related to the images being shown. Consequently, voiceovers are sometimes used to create ironic counterpoint. Also, sometimes they can be random voices not directly connected to the people seen on the screen. In works of fiction, the voice-over is often by a character reflecting back on his or her past, or by a person external to the story who usually has a more complete knowledge of the events in the film than the other characters.

Film Noir is especially associated with the Voiceover Narration

As an educational or descriptive device
Voiceovers have many applications , Television news is often presented as a series of video clips with voice over by the reporters describing the scenes. these are interspersed with straight video of the news anchors describing stories for which video is not shown.

Voice-over commentary by a popular voice over artist for Live sports broadcasts are by expert voice over narration announcers for sporting events.

As a commercial voice over
A commercial use of voice-over for advertising has been around since the beginning of radio broadcasting.

In the early years, before effective sound recording and mixing, announcements were produced "live" and at-once in a studio with the entire the cast, crew and, usually, orchestra. A corporate sponsor hired a producer, who hired writers and voice-actors to perform comedy or drama.

The industry expanded very rapidly with the advent of television in the 1950s and the age of highly produced serial radio shows ended. The ability to record high-quality sound on magnetic tape also created opportunities.

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The answer is simple... research your options... go with your gut feelings and trust your ears. Professional Voice Over Talent comes in many voiceover varieties.. deep voice, powerful voice talent, the guy next door voice, hard sell, soft sell, smooth voice overs, over the top voice over talent .. the list goes on.

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Custom Voice Overs
Don Capone offers professional voice over talent services from a leading top voiceover artist. Our voiceover talent services offer that bigger than life image that is needed to compete in today's corporate world. Same day narration, Corporate Narration, Sales Narration, Religious Narration, Christian Narration. Male Narrator. From Fortune 500 companies to Movie Trailer voice overs to Radio/Television spots, Documentary Narration and Character Voices... affordable voice overs

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Voice Over Talent Don Capone is a professional Voice Actor. From Voice-Over LA to NY and the world. If you need Voice Over Talent for Movie Trailer Voice Overs, Radio Imaging, Narration Services to Commercial Voice Over Talent, then contact DC today. American English Voice Over Artist.

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